I was raised in southeastern Wisconsin, but spent a lot of time in the Chicagoland area working with my parents for their small company. I began working at the age of ten, pouring concrete for swimming pools and helping my folks maintain the pools and spas of the well-to-do on the North Shore. Early jobs included video clerk, forklift driver, steamcleaner and mover. As such, I understand the value of hard work while also maintaining a sense of humor.

I attended university in Oshkosh, WI for a year before getting accepted to UW-Madison on the third try. My hard-won transfer was an early lesson in persistence and tenacity. I moved to Milwaukee after graduating, where I began work as a production artist for a sports product company before moving on to designing apparel. During this time, I also became involved in the small press scene as well as gallery shows, where I’d print out oversized versions of the comic strips I had published in local press.

In 2007, I joined a design firm and created everything from logos to package design and websites. I’d later move in to the retail design sector. In 2011, I followed my job out to Portland Oregon, where I lived for six years and met my wife. In 2017, my wife and I relocated to Minneapolis, MN in order for her to be closer to the seat of power of her job and for myself to be within driving ditance of my family after a half a dozen years living on the West Coast.

My use of my spare time is somewhat eclectic. I have trained in the martial arts (judo, aikido and Genbukan jujistu), been a board member for my neighborhood association, organized the comics page of a local small publication, attended the Milwaukee Citizen Police Academy and was an active member of the Portland Neighborhood Emergency teams for five years, training in field first aid, search and rescue and disaster resiliency in the event of the dreaded Cascadia subduction zone earthquake. I really miss training in the mass casualty drills at the Portland Police Scenario Training Village, as it prepared me for handling a couple of real life (but not region-wide) emergencies that have transpired since. There’s nothing like the stress of moving moulaged victims under the watchful eye of professional firefighters to prepare you for patching someone up after an SUV flips end over end in front of you on the freeway.

I root the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. I value the scientific method, the proper tools for a job and the ability to find humor in most any situation to be invaluable.