adidas Window Elevation Tools (WET)

The adidas Window Elevation Tools... kind of a departure from doing creative work, but essential work nonetheless. We create the WETs so adidas know what their display windows will look like and what they can put in them or on them.

It's a lengthy process. We have to review architectural permit sets, bubble plans, site surveys, Google Street View photos -- whatever we can get our hands on.

Even if we have the permit sets to use for our plan view and elevation, we still have to verify that the engineer that created them was correct. It isn't alway the case that things are measured correctly or modifications to the plan may have been made.

We have the luxurious job of trying to estimate the size of the window panes predicated off of the one elevation view we pull from the permit set. They never have measurements for that portion, so we must trace out the CAD drawing and adjust our dims to match the scale. Before our department opted for the CAD Tool plugin for Illustrator, this was an incredibly tedious process.

We dutifully replicate the store exterior at scale. We make revisions as necessary when the contractors change things. This information is fed to other design firms that make vinyl graphics to apply second surface to the glass or adorn the walls and fixtures.

Often times, these outside firms try to extrapolate dims from the same data and fail in their task. It's up to us to catch those errors and fix the graphics.

The engineer making the permit sets, for whatever reason, will make fundamental mistakes when drawing up the exterior. We have to review every bit of data we can cull -- mall directories, photos uploaded to the web and, if we're very lucky, boots on the ground with a tape measure.

We also create the multi-page directives that explain what graphics will go where in these new stores. We must also explain how these graphics are installed. For the most part, we're at a point where we can plug in a plan view of the store and keep many of the elements and instructions universal. It took quite a bit of elbow grease to get us to this point.

Everything we do with the WET will impact subsequent endeavors, from fixturing to store graphic sizes and placement. As such, we do the best with the data we're provided.