One of the designs I created for Urban Outfitters. The line is based off of a James Brown lyrics in "The Payback".
 One of the "states" tees I came up with. This many years on, I still managed to come across someone with the joke I wrote and the t-shirt I designed...  2,000 miles east of said state.  Guess it resonated.
Wisco shirt.jpg
 Archival research was a big part of this job, and picking colors, applying the right filters and choosing the right garments was crucial to "distresssing" the apparel so it looked convincingly from another era.
 Somehow, we got Union 76 to pick this one up. I was flummoxed.
 An early tee I designed for the city known for it's breweries. This one was popular enough to be a holiday gift recommendation by local press one year.
 To this day, the sheet drives me nuts. We occasionally had to throw stuff at the wall design-wise and see what would stick.   "Keep Calm and Carry On".... I mined that from all of the World War II posters I dug in to.  My bosses didn't think that would sell to Urban Outfitters. Now that meme is so ubiquitous I know someone with the same words emblazoned upon his arm as a tattoo.
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