Li-Ning BD Doom Collateral

The Design Department at Ivey worked on several projects with Li-Ning related to the BD Doom program. Some of the art was provided to us. In other cases, we had to develop creative using some elements of the pre-existing art, but with a whole new layout and feel. I did just that. 

One piece shown is the sidewalk sign created for Li-Ning's store in downtown Portland. I used some of that campaign's design nods to keep this in line with other collateral, but got to make up a different image than what was used at the national level (which was frankly gray and kind of boring).


I could care less for the tagline on the leaseline, but the toy was kind of fun to design with.

Wish I would have had my mastery over 3D software back then so I could have modeled this toy up so I could a achieve a more dynamic angle.