Nike Event Gameshow Wheel

I created this 3D model as part of a rush job for Nike event. We were given some reference photos of what the client wanted it to resemble, so off I went building some vector files and ultimately building it virtually.

The first trick was coming up with a rough idea of how this thing would work. It's one thing to reference a crummy jpeg from the web to create something. It's an entirely other matter to decide how to build it virtually, the overall dims, basic functions and creating mechanicals with which to adorn it with artwork.

After creating the model, I would also generate the deck page to accompany it and explain its features in depth (detailed information which would stem from collaboration), what size it would be and what materials would be involved. 

From there, our R&D guys picked it up, ironed out some bugs, farmed it out for production and away we went.

It eventually found it's way to being a center piece at an internal DTC function. Last I heard, this thing is still on campus somewhere, having to be left unplugged lest wayward bystanders spin the wheel and make it beep profusely as the wheel spins.