My main roles at Photocraft are what you would expect of a graphic designer -- doing creative take-downs of retail initiatives, generating imagery for various projects, laying out retail signage -- as well that of a 3D modeler. In that capacity, I depict what 3D graphic elements will look like in real life, going as far as calling out some construction materials or possible construction methods. I also virtually model up new fixtures, as well as generating virtual store environments. Other tasks have included laying out directives, worked on architectural projects recreating window elevations and done copious amounts of research. Work included clients the likes of Nike, adidas, Brooks and Wendy's.


GRAPHIC DESIGNER   |    IVEY   |   2009 - 2012  

I tackled a broad array of projects at Ivey, ranging from creative to the day-in day-out work of retail initiatives. Concept to execution was their thing, and we very much lived that as the designers touched many parts of projects before they went out the door. I was tasked with creating logos, brochures, retail graphics, laying out displays, brand identity, press checks, 3D models, project management here and there... acting more or less as a human Swiss army knife. Ivey liked me enough to transfer me from Milwaukee, WI to Milwaukie, OR. Work frequently involved the Swoosh, a myriad of retail clients and Krispy Kreme -- a client that I did phenomenal work for, and was paid handsomely for doing so by way of a doughnut emblazoned bicycling jacket for my commuting needs.


DESIGNER   |   KROLL SALKIN  |   2008 - 2009

Once again, I wore many different hats for this job. My day would involve creative work, client interaction and mechanical preparation. I'd design posters, banners, 3D retail windows, brochures, signs, lay out website user interface and create installation directives. Since we had a skeletal staff, this job demonstrated my value as a team player. In addition to my duties as a creative designer, I would help answer phones, assist in applying vinyl to retail signs, lend a hand in pack-outs when necessary, use my brawn to unload trucks, play IT department, archive our digital assets, and create designs for use on the plotter of the vehicle graphics firm KSC absorbed. Work revolved around clients such as Foot Locker and Champs.



This gig was fantastic. I was really able to stretch out and apply my talents to many different projects. I did everything from create logos to photo retouching, web UI design, layout catalog pages, design direct mail pieces for use with variable data fields, create packaging artwork, generate industrial design, retouch photographs and lay out product manuals.


GRAPHIC ARTIST   |   BREW CITY BRAND  |   2004 - 2007

Designing for Brew City enabled me to recognize a vast array of fonts and quickly bang out logos for a plethora of logos and artwork use in apparel. My job would involve using my illustrative capabilities, designing for imagine or real companies, brand research, creating sell sheets (a system which I overhauled and drastically improved), product photography, retouching, film separations and calling out garments/Pantone colors/printing techniques. Of particular interest was mining old ads, books, magazines and company archives for imagery we could use to create authentic retro and "distressed" goods for the Miller Brewing Company. During my tenure, Brew City went from selling wacky t-shirts primarily in it's local brick and mortar stores to being picked up by wholesale clients, such as Kohl's, Wal-Mart, Spencer's and Urban Outfitters.


PRODUCTION ARTIST   |   HEALY AWARDS  |   2003 - 2004   

Ahhh... my first foray into the 9-5 design world. It all started here, working in the fast-paced design department and finding new ways to beat old speed records. I'd convert logos to vector, typeset, make screen separations, design "vivid color" plaques and basically try to improve the quality of the products. 



PROFICIENCIES  Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Cinema4D

ANCILLARY  Microsoft Office Suite, Dreamweaver, illustration


UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MADISON  Bachelor of Science in Art, 1998-2002


Member, Independent Investigations Team Northwest; current

Member, Portland Neighborhood Emergency Teams; current

Illustrator, Co-writer, Counter-Productive; 2001-2009

Illustrator, Check Point; 2007-2009

Comics Editor/Paper Layout, Riverwest Currents; 2008-2011

Spot Illustrator, Undercurrents,  Alt- Magazine2006, 2008

Board Member, Riverwest Neighborhood Association; 2008-2009

Graduate, Milwaukee Police Citizen Academy; 2008